Graphsy 2017

"Movements and Waves"




On behalf of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University and the Graduate Spanish and Portuguese Student Organization, we welcome you to the 10th annual Graduate Portuguese and Hispanic Symposium. This year’s symposium, Movements and Waves, aims to pay tribute to current trends in Latin American and Iberian linguistics and literary and cultural studies. Such movements may build off the energy of earlier scholars, while others break free from earlier traditions and follow a new path. Whatever the case, these new movements are integrated into the fields and impact the approaches scholars take to pursue research in these scholarly areas. In addition, a particular focus of this year’s symposium is to bridge research from literary and cultural studies and from linguistics to encourage communication across disciplines. GRAPHSY 2017 acknowledges that such interdisciplinary communication is critical to the advancement of our fields, and the committee encourages attendees to engage in panels outside of their specialty.


Cultural Event

Movement & Waves: Rhythms in Song and Dance 

Copley Formal Lounge

Friday, Feb. 17, 7:30-9:00

Closing Reception

Epicurean Restaurant

Saturday, Feb. 18, 6:00-7:30

Light fare and drinks will be served.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the Organizing Committee, the Georgetown University Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the faculty, our student volunteers and moderators, and our sponsors, without whom this conference would not have been possible.

Organizing Committee

Timothy McCormick & Ross Karlan, Co-chairs
Chrissy Bistline-Bonilla, Communications
Meagan Driver, Treasurer
Janire Zalbidea, Volunteer Coordinator
Cristi Killingsworth, Materials Coordinator
Annie Ornelles, Publicity
Iván Andrés Espinosa Orozco, Website Designer
Colleen Moorman, Jafte Robles, Meghan Birch, Leah Adelson, Eva Mun, Tris Faulkner, Brisa Nuñez García.