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                                         Art, History, Language and the Politics of Identity

Program Dates: June 22nd – July 29th, 2023

Language: Spanish


  • Students must have completed coursework at the Advanced II level (SPAN 102, 104, or 112)
  • Students sign pledge to speak only in Spanish during their stay in Spain.

Tuition and Fees include:

  • Nine credits.
  • Double air-conditioned room with private bath and shared kitchen. Rooftop pool .
  • All hotel stays, meals, and fees connected to program fieldwork (one long weekend + 10 days).

Program Description

  • Students must enroll in nine credits of coursework, distributed amongst three courses.
    • Catalan art history; History and Politics of identity (regional studies) (300 level)
    • Spanish for Business (200 level); Bilingualism (300 level) 
  • All courses are taught in Spanish and count towards the Spanish major and minor 
  • Bilingualism counts towards the College social science requirement
  • SFS students may take the Oral Proficiency Exam at the end of the program.
  • Georgetown students receive nine GU credits.
  • Grades on courses completed in the program count towards the GPA.

As the capital of Catalonia within Spain and the European Union, Barcelona provides a unique location in which to study the themes of national identity in a multilingual and multicultural city. Barcelona is home to the richest Medieval Arts Museum in Europe, the Gothic Quarter, Museu Picasso and Fundació Miró, as well as Gaudí’s buildings.

Contact Information

Prof. Cristina Sanz, Academic Director