Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Doctoral Fellowships

Healy Fellowships

Named in honor of Georgetown University’s 28th President, Patrick Healy, the first African-American to earn a doctorate degree, and the first African-American President of Georgetown University (1874–1882), the Patrick Healy Graduate Fellowship is intended to further Georgetown’s commitment to creating a diverse community composed of the most qualified students. 

The Program is designed to help recruit and retain graduate students who are talented individuals of the highest caliber and who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible to successfully pursue a doctoral degree. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is committed to training diverse future faculty, researchers, and leaders who will enrich critical thinking, knowledge generation, and knowledge advancement across all disciplines. Diversity is a crucial element in preparing students for the service of others. 

Healy Fellowships will be awarded to students whose background or experience, when evaluated holistically, suggests they are uniquely able to contribute to the diversity of the Georgetown community and to the academic profession as a whole. 

Support will be provided to Patrick Healy Fellows for twelve months per year, for up to five years, assuming satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D.

For more information about the Healy Fellowship, please contact Maria Snyder at the Graduate School.


Students are encouraged to apply to all research grants for which they are eligible.

Annual Grant Competitions

Conference Travel Grant Top-Off  – This grant is awarded by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese twice per academic year (Fall and Spring) in conjunction with the Graduate School’s Conference Travel Grants.  In order to apply for the Department top-off, students are required to complete a Conference Travel Grant Form and send it to the Department Business Manager, Sarah Murdock at, together with a copy of the Graduate School Conference Travel Grant application.  

Information about both Grants is sent out to students at the beginning of each semester.

Collaborative Research Grants

Georgetown Americas Institute faculty grants offer Georgetown faculty support in a variety of areas for collaborative research around four critical areas facing the Americas: governance and the rule of law, economic growth and innovation, social and cultural inclusion, and sustainability and the environment. Applications that are using GAI’s support as seed funding to leverage future funding for their projects will be favorably considered. 

Preference will be given to grants that connect faculty across Georgetown centers and programs and/or work with institutions and researchers in Latin America, as well as those that involve students as research assistants, and raise Georgetown’s research profile among a broader public.

Summer Research Grants

Each Spring, the Department invites applications for Summer Research Grants to help fund scholarly research among graduate students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Preference shall be given to proposals directly linked to pre-dissertation and dissertation research, and to students who have not won in previous years, but other proposals will be considered and have been successful  in the past. Graduate students in years 2-6 in the Spanish and Portuguese Department who have no external or internal sources of summer research funding. The number of awards and amount of funding is determined on a yearly basis, but at a minimum, the Department will award 4 Grants of $2000 (two to Literature and Cultural Studies Students and two to Linguistics Students (provided two students from each program apply). Applications will be evaluated by a faculty committee chaired by the DGSs. The criteria for judging applications is as follows:  1) Importance  2) Potential for publication 3) Innovation and 4) Methodology. Detailed instructions and due dates will be circulated each Spring.

See Employment Opportunities (Summer and Academic Year)

External Funding

For further opportunities, please visit the Office of External Fellowships under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

General Information and Databases of Grants

Graduate study abroad for US citizens; graduate study in the US for non-US citizens

Grants for up to two years of graduate study in the United States.