Major in Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Portuguese is a gorgeous language: it simply sounds like music and is a joy to listen to. It is no wonder that Portugal and Brazil have such rich musical traditions such as Fado, Bossa Nova, Choro, Tropicália, and Samba. The beauty of the language is also evident in Portuguese and Brazilian literature: Notable Nobel Prize recipients include José Saramago in Portugal and Jorge Amado in Brazil.

Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language worldwide, with 215 million native speakers — mostly in Portugal and Brazil, but also in several African countries, such as Mozambique and Cape Verde, and locations in Asia, such as Timor-Leste and Macau. Despite the high number of native speakers, few people choose to learn Portuguese as a second language, so by learning Portuguese, you will set yourself apart and improve your job prospects. Also, most US companies who do business in Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America do business with their neighbors, Portugal and Brazil.
Besides, wouldn’t you like to spend a bit of your life in beautiful Rio, Bahia, or Lisbon?

Finally, everyone knows that knowledge of one language makes it much easier to pick up others, but in the case of Romance languages, this is especially true: since Spanish and Portuguese evolved from Latin, they share grammar points and have lots of similar vocabulary.

Spanish and Portuguese Studies Major Requirements

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