Spanish Living Learning Community

Interested in extending your contact with Spanish beyond the classroom? Join the Spanish Floor, one of Georgetown’s Living and Learning communities. Located in Copley Hall, the Spanish Floor hosts a community of students that share one common interest: the Spanish language and the peoples who speak it. Students on the Spanish Floor complete a 1-unit course per semester; in the Fall, the course focuses on audiovisual culture and takes advantage of all the cultural opportunities that Washington has to offer, such as trips to Adams Morgan, the Gala Theater, and museums. In the Spring, topics vary. Last year, the topic focused on Hispanic food and the people whose livelihoods depend on it. The Spanish Floor is an opportunity to live in a community of like-minded individuals and to immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking community of the nation’s capital.

Contact Information:
Advisor: Professor Bohumira Smidakova

Open to:  Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors


This course allows students who are part of the Spanish Learning Living Community to explore Latin American and Spanish culture away from the classroom. The course hosts speakers and faculty on the Spanish Floor and engages students in cultural events both on and off campus. In addition to expanding students’ Spanish language skills, goals of the course include improving students’ knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture by attending museums, plays, films and other cultural events. Students will write reviews about their experiences in order to assess their progress.