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  • Anrrich, Graciela (PhD – 2007):
    Substitutions for English Consonants by Adult Speakers of Cuban Spanish
    Mentor: Jorge M. Guitart

  • Armstrong, Grant (PhD- 2011): 
    Two Classes of Transitive Verbs: Evidence from Spanish
    Dissertation Advisors: Héctor Campos and Elena Herburger

  • Arteagoitia, Igone (PhD – 1999): 
    A Crosslisting Study of Second Language Processing in Spanish and Basque
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow


  • Bistline-Bonilla, Chrissy (PhD – 2020):
    Interaction in SCMS: The effects of interlocutor, task, and state anxiety
    Mentors: Dr Ronald Leow

  • Bowden, Harriet (PhD – 2007):
    The Role of Experience in Second Language Neurocognition
    Mentors: Cristina Sanz; Michael Ullman

  • Bowles, Melissa A. (PhD – 2005): 
    Effect of Verbilization Condition and Type of Feedback on L2 Development in a CALL Task
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow


  • Camblor-Portilla, Maria Teresa (PhD – 2006): 
    Written Feedback, Awareness and L2 Development: A Computerized Study
    ​Mentor: Ronald P. LeowCamus Oyarzun, Pablo (PhD – 2016): Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and Culture at Soka University.
    The effects of pronunciation instruction on the production of second language Spanish: A classroom
    ​Mentor: Alfonso Morales-Front

  • Camps, Joaquim (PhD – 1997): 
    Attention to Form and Meaning in Second Language Acquisition: Object Clitic Pronouns in Spanish
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Cerezo-Ceballo, Luis (PhD- 2010):
    Talking to Avatars: The computer as a tutor and the incidence of learner’s agency, feedback, and grammatical form in SLA
    Dissertation Advisor: Ronald P. Leow and Christina Sanz

  • Choi, Jinny Kyungjin (PhD – 1998):
    Languages in Contact: A Morphosyntactic Analysis of Paraguayan Spanish from a Historical and Sociolinguistic Perspective
    Mentor: Thomas Walsh

  • Cox, Jessica (PhD – 2013):
    Bilingualism, Aging, and Instructional Conditions in Non-Primary Language Development
    Mentor: Cristina SanzCruz, Abel (PhD – 2021):
    The Category of Gender in SpanishEnglish Bilingual Grammars: Corpus and Experimental Evidence of Switched DPs
    Mentor: Lourdes Ortega and Ronald P. Leow



  • Driver, Meagan (PhD – 2020):
    Emotion, motivation, and vocabulary learning: A study of heritage and foreign language learners of Spanish
    Co-mentores: Lourdes Ortega y Ron LeowDeRobles, Gabriela (PhD – 2019):
    The Effects of Type of Written Corrective Feedback and Level of Proficiency on Processing and Accuracy in Heritage Language Learners of Spanish
    Mentor: Ronald LeowDonatelli, Lucia (PhD – 2019):
    The Morphosemantics of Spanish Gender: Evidence from Small Nominals
    Dissertation Advisors: Héctor Campos, Ph.D., Ruth Kramer, Ph.D.


  • Fuente, Maria Jose de la (PhD – 1998):
    Negotiation and L2 Vocabulary: The Role of Input and Output in the Receptive and Productive Acquisition of Words
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow

  • Falcon, Sandra M. (PhD – 2004):
    Attitudes Toward Languages in Contact: Spanish, English, and Intellectuals in Puerto Rico
    Mentor: Thomas Walsh

  • Faulkner, Tris (PhD – 2021):
    A Systematic Investigation of Spanish Subjunctive: Mood Variation in Subjunctive Clauses 
    Co-Mentors: Elena Herberger and Paul PorterFernandez Rubiera, Francisco (In Progress)
    On Clitic Placement in Asturian


  • Gordon, Leslie (PhD – 2008):
    Factors Affecting L2 Perception of Spanish Vowels by English speakers
    Mentor: Alfonso Morales-Front

  • Greenslade-Felix, Terri A. (PhD – 2001)
    The Effects of Word Order on the Intake, Text Comprehension, and Sentence Interpretation and Production of Adult Learners of Spanish as a Foreign Language
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Grey, Sarah (PhD – 2013)
    A neurocognitive investigation of bilingual advantages at additional language learning
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Hayer, Holly J. (PhD – 1997):
    Input Enhancement for Explicit Knowledge in a Communicative Foreign Language Classroom: Effect on Semi-Spontaneous Oral Production and Explicit Knowledge
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow

  • Hemmer, Robert A. (PhD – 1993):
    Criteria for Syllabus Design: Interactive Complexity and the Sequencing of Scenarios
    Mentor: John Staczek

  • Holt, David E. (PhD – 1997):
    Constraints and Constraint Ranking: Topics in the Development of Syllable Structure from Latin to Spanish and Portuguese
    Mentor: Alfonso Morales-Front

  • Hsieh, Hui-Chen (PhD – 2007):
    Practice, Feedback, Awareness and L2 Development through a Computerized Task
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow


  • Johnson Serafini, Ellen (PhD – 2013):
    Cognitive and psychosocial factors in the long-term development of implicit and explicit second language knowledge in adult learners of Spanish at increasing proficiency
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Killingsworth, Cristi (PhD – 2020):
    Flunecy, WOrking memory, and L2 Proficiency in Multicompetent Writers
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Lado, Beatriz (PhD – 2008):
    The Role of Level of Bilingualism, Cognitive Capacity and Type of Feedback on the Acquisition of Non-primary Languages
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Leeman, Jennifer (PhD – 2000):
    Towards a New Classification of Input: An Empirical Study of the Effect of Recasts, Negative Evidence, and Enhanced Salience on L2 Development
    Mentor: Alison Mackey

  • Lopez-Cortina, Jorge (PhD – 2008):
    The Left Periphery of Spanish Interrogative Structures
    Mentor: Hector Campos


  • McCormick, Timothy (PhD – 2020) :
    Early and emergent bilinguals: The role of  cognitive control in the processing of linguistic conflict
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Méndez-Seijas, Jorge (PhD – 2020) : 
    Secong Language Spanish Intonation: Phoenetic and Phonological Dimensions of its Acquisitions Mentor: Alfonso Morales Front Ph.D. / Committee Members: Cristina Sanz, Ph.D. & Germán Zárate-Sández, Ph.D.

  • Marijuan, Silvia (PhD – 2015) :
    (El)la mapping: An integrated account of learning context, feedback and agreement morphology in the processing of OclVS sentences in advanced L2 Spanish
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Marrano, Ann M. (PhD – 1998):
    The Syntax of Modality: A Comparative Study of Epistemistic and Root Modal Verbs in Spanish and English
    Mentor: Raffaella Zanuttini

  • Mayer, K. (PhD – 2008):
    The acquisition of late-acquired clitics in the competition model framework.
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz, Ph.D.

  • Mayer, Kaylea (PhD – 2008):
    Spanish Object-Verb Clitic Complexity and the Competition Model: The Facilitative Effects of the Acquisition of One Linguistic Structure on a Second
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz

  • Medina, Almitra (PhD – 2008):
    Concurrent Verbalization, Task Complexity, and Working Memory: Effects on L2 Learning in a Computerized Task
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow

  • Moorman, C. (co-director, December 2017):
    Individual differences and linguistic factors in the development of mid vowels in L2 Spanish learners: A longitudinal study.
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz, Ph.D. & Alfonso Morales-Front, Ph.D.

  • Moreno, Nina (PhD – 2007):
    The Effects of Type of Feedback and Type of Task on L2 Development in CALL
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow

  • Morgan-Short, Kara (PhD – 2007):
    A Neurolinguistic Investigation of SLA: Effects of Explicit and Implicit Conditions
    Mentors: Cristina Sanz; Michael Ullman

  • Morin, Regina C. (PhD – 1997):
    The Nonproductivity of Softening Alternations in Spanish
    Mentor: Alfonso Morales-Front

  • Mun, Jeong C. (PhD – 2022):
    Contributions Of Cross-Linguistic Influence And Language Aptitude To The Perception And Production Of L3 Spanish Labial Stops Among Korean-English Bilinguals Of Varying L3 Proficiency

    Mentors: Cristina Sanz, Ph.D. & Alfonso Morales-Front, Ph.D.


  • Nagle, Charles (PhD – 2014):
    A longitudinal study on the role of internal and external factors in the development of L2 Spanish phonology
    Mentors: Cristina Sanz & Alfonso Morales Front


  • Pérez-Casas, Marisol (PhD – 2008):
    Codeswitching and Identity among Island Puerto Rican Bilinguals
    Mentor: Thomas J. Walsh


  • Romero, Reynaldo (PhD – 2008):
    Structural Consequences of Language Shift: Judeo-Spanish in Istanbul
    Mentor: Dr. Thomas Walsh

  • Rosa, Elena M. (PhD – 1999):
    A Cognitive Approach to Task-Based Research: Explicitness, Awareness, and L2 Development
    Mentor: Ron Leow


  • Socarras, Gilda (PhD – 2003):
    Topics on the Acquisition of Determiner Phrases: Spanish as a First Language
    Mentor: Donna Lardiere

  • Stafford, Catherine A. (PhD – 2005):
    Bilingualism, Cognitive Capacity and Age: A Computer-based Study in L3 Processing
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Torres, Julio (PhD – 2013) :
    Heritage and Second Language Learners of Spanish: The Roles of Task Complexity and Inhibitory Control.
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Vallejos, Cristi (PhD – 2020) :
    Second Language Writing Fluency: The Effects of First Language Fluency, Working Memory, and L2 Proficiency on Pauses
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz.


  • Watson, Mark (PhD – 2006):
    Post-Revolutionary Cuban Spanish: Changes in the Lexicon and Language Attitudes due to Socio-Political Reforms

    Mentor: Thomas Walsh


  • Yanguas, Iñigo (PhD – 2007):
    Hispanic Heritage Language Learners: A Longitudinal Investigation of Their Academic Motivation
    Mentor: Cristina Sanz


  • Zampini, Mary L. (PhD – 1993):
    Spanish and English Voiced Stop Phonemes and Spirantization: A Study in Second Languge Acquisition
    Mentor: Ronald P. Leow

  • Zárate-Sández, German (PhD – 2015)
    Perception and Production of Intonation Among English-Spanish Bilingual Speakers at Different Proficiency Levels
    Mentors: Cristina Sanz & Alfonso Morales Front

Literature and Cultural Studies


  • Amaya Ortega, Oscar (PhD – 2021):
    (Re)Viewing Afrocubanism: Dialogue And Interdisciplinary In Lydia Cabrera And Wifredo Lam Dissertation Advisors: Joanne Rappaport and Gwen Kirkpatrick
  • Afinoguenova, Eugenia (PhD – 1999):
    La “muerte del hombre” y el nacimiento del idiota: el sujeto problematico en la filosofia, la literatura y el arte espanoles de los años sesenta, setenta y ochenta
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza
  • Albertengo, Clara (PhD – 2004) :
    El humor en tiempos de crisis: estrategias de (de) construcción de la identidad en Argentina y Cuba
    Dissertation Advisors: Veronica Salles-Reese; Gwen Kirkpatrick


  • Caballo-Márquez, Reyes (PhD- 2010):
    Cuerpos en Tránsito: Efectos de la Globalización en el Cine Social Contemporáneo
    Disertation Advisor: Vivaldo Santos
  • Cáceres García, Juli (PhD – 2008):
    El destape del macho ibérico: masculinidades disidentes en la comedia sexy (celt)ibérica
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza
  • Calvi, Rosana (PhD- 2011):
    Heterogeneidad de los Discurso Sobre lo Indigena en las Revistas Indigenistas Perunas de Vanguardia
    Dissertation Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick
  • Cardinale, Miguel (PhD – 2002):
    Vicisitudes identitarias en la obra de Reinaldo Arenas
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras
  • Castany Prado, Bernat (PhD – 2006):
    Postnational Literature: Latin America, a Case Study
    Dissertation Advisor: Veronica Salles-Reese
  • Chambers, Donna M. (PhD – 2007):
    From within the Birdcage: Societal Revelations in the Works of Angela de Azevedo
    Dissertation Advisor: Barbara Mujica
  • Collmann, Lilliam (PhD – 1997):
    Jesus Diaz: El ejercito de los limites de la expresión revolucionaria en Cuba
    Dissertation Advisor: Enrico Mario Santi
  • Copertari, Marta Gabriela (PhD – 2004):
    Narrativas de desintegración y de justicia: el cine argentino en le cambio de siglo
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras
  • Cortez, Enrique (PhD- 2011):
    La Imaginación Biográfica: El Inca Garcilaso y la Formación del Campo Cultural Peruano (1847-1916):
    Dissertation Advisor: Verónica Salles-Reese and Gwen Kirkpatrick


  • Diaz-Rivera, Adabel (PhD – 2001):
    Del discurso colonial en la relación de Titu Cusi Yapanqui (1570): La ambivalencia del mimetismo cultural:
    Dissertation Advisors: Veronica Salles-Reese; Mercedes Lopez-Baralt; E. Michael Gerli


  •  Esteban Toro Franco, Felipe (PhD- 2020):Atlas: A Cartography of Sports in Latin American Literature
    Dissertation Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick. Committee: Tania Gentic, Rodrigo Cánovas.
  • Estrada Portales, Isabel M. (PhD- 2010):
    Las cuotas raciales en el discurso mediático y académico brasileño
    Dissertation Advisor: Joanne Rappaport


  • Farrell, Michelle (PhD-2011):
    A “Revolution of Conciousness”: Redefinining Venezuelan National Identities Through Cinema
    Dissertation Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick
  • Feldman, Irina A. (PhD – 2007):
    ¿Por qué me has matado?: Sovereignty, Authority and Law in José María Arguedas’ Todas las sangres
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras
  • Fil, Alla (PhD – 2006)
    El fenómeno turístico y el viaje urbano en la narrativa y cine españoles de los años sesenta y setenta
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza
  • Fole Varela, Xabier (PhD – 2021):Ausencias y presencias de la nación: Una reconstrucción cultural de las identidades ibéricasMentor: Alejandro Yarza


  • Garcia, Dulce M. (PhD – 1993):
    El lenguaje como tema y acción en las novelas de Diego de San Pedro
    Dissertation Advisor: E. Michael Gerli
  • Garcia-Torvisco, Luis (PhD – 2005):
    Modos del exceso en la cultura de la transición democrática en España
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza
  • Gonzalez, Luis M. (PhD – 2005):
    De Isabel y Fernando el espiritu impera: Fascismo y cine espanol (1939-1951)
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza


  • Hajjar, Diana (PhD – 2020)
    On Heroes and Heroines: Cortés and Pizarro versus the Heroic Women of the Colonial Period and the Struggle for Independence.
    Dissertation Advisor: Veronica Salles-Reese
  • Habershon, Alexandra M. (PhD – 2006)
    Post-Partum Nation: The Amazon Myth and Ideologies of Reproduction in the Conquest of the New World
    Dissertation Advisor: Veronica Salles-Reese
  • Heller, Sophie (PhD – 2021):
     The Child’s Gaze and the Politics of Memory and Mourning: Spatiality, Spectrality and Sound in Contemporary Spanish and Latin American CinemaMentors: Alejandro Yarza and Tania Gentic
  • Hynes, Laura A. (PhD – 1998):
    Love, Fusion, and Death: Andogyny in the Authorship and Works of Gregorio and Maria Martinez Sierra
    Dissertation Advisor: Francisco LaRubia-Prado


  • Izquierdo, Lucas J. (PhD – 2007):
    Torn Speech: Emerging Subjectivities in Chile and Peru
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras


  • Jouve-Martin, Jose R. (PhD – 2003):
    Esclavos negros, escribas blancos: esclavitud, escritura y colonialismo en Lima
    Dissertation Advisors: Veronica Salles-Reese; Joanne Rappaport


  • Karlan, Ross (PhD – 2020):
    Falling Into Shame: The Cultural History of an Emotion in Premodern Iberia
    Dissertation Advisors: Emily Francomano


  • Lachman, Jeffrey B. (PhD – 1999):
    The Raquel Plays: Theatrical Representation of Political Intrigue and Antisemitism in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Spain
    Dissertation Advisor: Barbara Mujica


  • Maldonado, Freddy Cesar (PhD – 2007):
    Letrados de mínima cuantía. Rescatirismo cultural intelectualidad oral-letrada
    Dissertation Advisor:
  • Maldonado-Pena, Luis (PhD – 2004):
    La representacion del cuerpo como espacio de crisis politica en la literatura latinoamericana
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras
  • Moran, Francisco (PhD – 2002):
    Guardarropias del deseo: los escondites del modernismo
    Dissertation Advisors: Veronica Salles-Reese; Horacio Legras
  • Moreno, Marisel C. (PhD – 2004):
    Writing Puerto Rico: The Literature of Insular and U.S. Puerto Rican Women Authors
    Dissertation Advisor: Veronica Salles-Reese


  • O’Brien, Valerie C. (PhD – 2002):
    Murder on the Menu: Culture and Consumption in the Carvalho Series of Manuel Vazquez Montalban
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza


  • Pardo Ballester, Trinidad (PhD – 2007):
    Flamenco: Orientalismo, exotismo y la identidad nacional espanola
    Dissertation Advisor: Alejandro Yarza
  • Pareja, Roberto (PhD – 2006):
    Dilemas de la modernidad andina: moralidad social, economía de las pasiones y modernidad estética en Perú y Bolivia (1900-1950)
    Dissertation Advisors: Horacio Legras; Joanne Rappaport; Gwen Kirkpatrick; Javier Sanjines
  • Perales, Jaime (PhD – 2007):
    Octavio Paz y el circulo de la revista “Vuelta”
    Dissertation Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick
  • Perez-Leal, Pedro J. (PhD – 2007)
    Dissertation Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick


  • Riegger, Maria C. (PhD – 2003):
    From Open Book to Open Curtain- Toward Understanding the Transformation of Textual Narrative to Dramatic Adaptation
    Dissertation Advisor: Horacio Legras


  • Schoeffling, Matthew J. (PhD – 2002)
    The Complexity of Warfare in Medievel Iberia: A Cross-Culture Approach
    Dissertation Advisor: E. Michael Gerli
  • Shepherd, Gregory (PhD – 1996):
    Jose de Acosta: Reading the American Past and Programming the Future toward the Christianization of Amerindians
    Dissertation Advisor: Veronica Salles-Reese


  • Tapia, Carlos Fernando (PhD – 2007):
    Ink and Celluloid: A Study of The Lazarillo de Tormes and its Filmic Adaptations
    Dissertation Advisor:
  • Tsoukatos, Elaini (PhD- 2011):
    Finding God in All Things: Teresa of Ávila’s Use of the Familiar
    Dissertation advisor: Barbara Mujica


  • Urbanc, Katica (PhD – 1995):
    Escritura femenina, critica feminista: cinco autoras españolas
    Dissertation Advisor: Estelle Irizarry


  • Vich, Victor (PhD – 2000):
    Las multiples voces, las muchas memorias: los comicos ambulantes y la cultura oral en el Peru
    Dissertation Advisor: Joanne Rappaport