Divorcees, Evangelists, and Vegetarians

A hilarious comedy by the highly-acclaimed Venezuelan playwright Gustavo Ott, Divorcees, Evangelists, and Vegetarians (Divorciadas, evangélicas y vegetarianas) brings together three women, each with a distinct and hyperbolic personality- Gloria, the outrageous egotist; Beatriz, the suicidally depressed divorcee; and Meche, the hyper-religious spiritist. However, none of these women is what she seems. Each hides a potentially devastating secret, and it is only through the help and support of the group that each avoids a crisis. A fast-moving, upbeat celebration of sisterhood.

Adult content.

Directed by Dr. Barbara Mujica.

Choreography by Yoel Castillo Botello.

General Admission: $10.

Free for Military, GU students, faculty, and staff with ID.