Practice Opportunities for SFS Proficiency Exam

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Are you a student in the SFS getting ready to take the Oral Proficiency Exam this semester? 

Here you have the instructions (new window) for registration and administration of the exam, and remember the deadline for registration is October 26, less than 2 weeks from now. 

We know that you had planned to spend a semester or a summer abroad, but that this pesky pandemic got in the middle! If you want extra practice with a native speaker from University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, we have about 15 students there waiting for a Georgetown student to practice their English. 

If interested, please contact Dr. Cristina Sanz (new window) with your name, major, and schedule preference. The minimum expected is 1 our per week but you are free to schedule as many sessions as you and your match are willing to have. UPF students have agreed to share an article with you and discuss it so as to help you prepare for the OPT.