Ph.D. Candidate Publishes First Book of The Code Trilogy

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The Three Virtual Greatnesses is the first book of The Code trilogy by Willyam Thums, a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish literature and cultural studies. Purchase it here in English, Spanish, or Portuguese!

Have you ever wondered what lies behind every click you make on the Internet? What if the data from your online life is used to change your own future? As the Internet shapes a new era, three corporations become the rulers of a virtual world called Etherea. Mr. Davis, the CEO of Apollo Corporation, will have to fight against two unprecedented enemies that seek supremacy in the universe. While the story awaits you to pick a side, the physical world witnesses the space race between the U.S. and China. The imminent Great War will establish a new age in the whole universe as the discovery of a New Earth approaches. The fate of humans and non-humans relies on the survival, or destruction, of The Three Virtual Greatnesses. 

Innovative technologies and the modernization of war and politics will define new forms of colonization in outer space. Who will be able to inhabit the New Earth? What will happen to the ones that remain here? In a universe of infinite equations, only one algorithm will be able to stop the physical, and the virtual, Great War.