Transportation in Quito

To and from Ecuador

Air Transportation to/from Ecuador is separate from the tuition, room and board expenses and is the responsibility of the student. However, we will try to get a group rate. Details will be available after the admission process is over.

In Quito

Public transportation in Quito is the cheapest and most often used form of local transport. The program provides buses from Quito to the USFQ campus on class days and excursions. Talk with your host family about the best way to get to other places in the city. Be careful with your belongings on the public buses.

If you are traveling around Quito at night, always take a taxi. You can call one of the following numbers: 2222-999, 2222-222, 2666-666, 2222-220, 2639-639 and a taxi will pick you up at any time of day or night. These services offer a little added security, and while they cost a bit more, it is safer. Don’t get in a taxi that doesn’t have a number on the side, or that has two people in it.