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Disproportionate to its size, this little Andean country slightly smaller than Nevada offers to visitors an astonishing natural and socio-cultural diversity. From Galapagos Islands to the semi-tropical Pacific coast; from the rugged Andean highlands and the snow-covered volcanoes to the tropical Amazonian jungle lowlands, Ecuador hosts a whole spectrum of peoples and landscapes, cultures, and traditions.


At the same time, privilege observatory of some of the most deeply-rooted social and economic contradictions in Latin America, experiencing Ecuador in all its diversity is experiencing life to its fullest.


Located in the Andes mountains at 2800m over sea level and surrounded by majestic volcanoes, Quito is an exciting city of nearly 2,000,000 inhabitants with numerous historical and cultural resources. The presence of one of the most important and better-preserved colonial old towns in Latin America, named by UNESCO cultural heritage site, together with modern social and government institutions makes Quito a unique synthesis of the Hispanic traditions and modern developments in the continent.

A vibrant and beautiful city, full of contrasts, Quito is an ideal place to study the Spanish language and discover a rich and different world.


San Francisco University of Quito (USFQ), a private non-profit university committed to excellence in research, education, and social development, ranks among the most prestigious higher education institutions in Ecuador/LA.

Located in the valley of Tumbaco, just outside Quito,  and easily accessible by numerous bus lines that connect the campus and downtown Quito, USQ provides a perfect environment for academic activities/classes/study as well as a full range of facilities and amenities: sports areas and gym, computer labs, library, bookstore, self-service, restaurant, cafeteria, etc. USQ’s two biological and educational centers, Tiputini, at the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, and GAIAS (the Galapagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences), provide an exceptional opportunity to learn while experiencing two of the most unique ecosystems of the world.