Georgetown University offers an exciting program on the campus of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This program offers you the opportunity to experience first hand the many facets of Ecuador, including its colonial heritage, its multiethnic culture, and its amazing geographical diversity: from the Amazonian jungle to the Galápagos Islands, one of the most important ecological reservations in the world.

The program includes an array of intensive language, Latin American literature and culture, and Linguistics courses taught by professors from Georgetown University and Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Students may opt for one of the following tracks:

A. Nature and Culture 9 credits

  • Students take one or two Language, Culture and Literature, or Linguistics courses depending on their interests and language level. In addition, students take a course in Nature and Culture that includes two weeks of field work, one at the ecological station in the Ecuadorian jungle and the other in the Galapagos islands.

B. Race, Gender and Ethnicity in Latin America 9 credits

  • Student choose from the same pool of courses and in addition take a course that examines concepts of race, gender and ethnicity in Latin American in general, and Ecuador in particular. The course has two closely linked components: classroom discussion on theories of race, gender and ethnicity and two weeks of related field activities, one in Riobamba and one in Quito.