SFS/MSFS Proficiency Exam Fall 2018 Registration & Exam Dates

Fall 2018 Dates



Dates will be announced within the first week of the semester


Registration Deadline

Monday, October 29th, 2018

(see "How?" section below for instructions on how to register.  Registration for the exam is done online)

**No requests will be accepted after the Registration Deadline. **

Please contact Timothy McCormick (tjm106@georgetown.edu) with any questions regarding the exam. If your questions concern dates of the exam, please wait until after the dates are posted.


2. How?  When the dates are posted, you will be able to fill out a Google Calendar Appointment form to reserve a slot for your exam.

Step 1. Click HERE to complete the Registration Form. GU log-in is required.  
Step 2. CLICK HERE to access the Spring 2018 Proficiency Calendar, go to April and reserve ONLY ONE SLOT.  

*If you reserve more than one slot, your appointment will be cancelled. To change the time and day of your slot, cancel your original appointment and select a new appointment from the slots still available.

Expect a message from the program administrators with instructions and relevant information once the registration period has ended. **Students who do not arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled exam time, or who do not show up at all, will have to pay a $25 fee when when they register for the second time. If you wish to cancel an exam time, please do so at least 10 days in advance.

Visit https://spanport.georgetown.edu/undergraduate/General-Information for more information about the exam.