Accelerated Bachelor/Master Degree Program

Professors Alejandro Yarza and Ronald Leow, Directors of Graduate Studies in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, invite you to apply to the joint A.B./M.S. program in Spanish Literature & Culture or Spanish Linguistics.

The program allows undergraduate students who are accepted in the program to have two graduate-level courses in their major credited toward both the bachelors and the master’s degrees. Additional graduate courses in the major beyond the 38 courses and the 120 credits can also be applied toward the master’s degree, up to a maximum of six credits. This is an honors program. Students with a minimum cumulative average of a 3.5 in the major are eligible to apply for the program at the end of their junior year. Students can apply online here.

  • Students should first discuss the program with their faculty adviser and either Dr. Yarza (Literature and Culture) or Dr. Leow (Linguistics). Upon completion of the application, they should obtain a dean’s signature. They should submit a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies along with the Graduate School application and three letters of recommendation to the Graduate School.
  • The Department reviews the application and sends its decision to the Graduate School. Applications are reviewed in the same fashion as all graduate applications.
  • The Graduate School gives final approval and notifies the student of the decision.

For information on requirements, course offerings, and other details please see Graduate School Bulletin here and the Graduate School Catalog here.